Sunday, July 26, 2009

Plan Schman

Things I had planned to do today...

Freeze some cherries
Clean out kitchen
Take a nap
Hang pictures in entry way
Make delicious dinner
Pick some rhubarb

What I actually did...

Read the third book in the Twilight series
Painted my daughters toe nails for the first time
Took a nap
Laundry out six ain't bad


  1. I love that you have take a nap on your list of things to do. And I love even more that it's the one you actually did. :)

  2. with just some slight modifications, that list could be completely marked off:
    eat some cherries
    get out of the kitchen
    take a nap
    look at pictures in entry way
    make delicious dinner (cereal counts)
    pick rhubarb as plant with largest leaves in backyard

    see how easy that was? (gosh, i love lists.)

  3. Jen...well of course its on the list. importance counts. and of course i did it. its one of my fave things. are a genius.