Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Middle Road

Do you ever get so incredibly tired of taking the high road? Sometimes, I just want to jump down on the low road and take a stroll. Just a leisurely, Starbucks in hand walk. Of course that does make getting back on the high road a little more tough. But, sometimes it is so difficult on the high road I think it is not really the place for me. It is the place for my mom. She is a saint, definitely a high roader. But, I'm not so much like my mom...wish I was but, I'm not. Maybe I'm just a low road kind of girl. It would be so much easier to not bite my tongue and say what I am really thinking. It would be so much easier to burn a hole with my eyes than smile.
Is there a middle road? Maybe that is where I can walk. That way I can jump up or down when I feel the need. I'm not sure this is an option. I may try it out though. See the sights.


  1. I'm sorry that you have to take the high road all the time. I'm sorry that you even have to worry about the roads at all. Just remember that I will walk with you on whichever road you find yourself.

  2. i dont have to take the high road, got any dirty low road work for me???