Monday, August 31, 2009

Not Me Monday

I did not get back from "vacation" on Wednesday and continue the r&r until yesterday. That would be silly. It would also make a lot more work for me this week. Ugh. So why on earth would I do that?

The sweet husband made chicken tacos to go with my homemade salsa for dinner on Saturday night. They were delish! So delish, that I did not have them for breakfast on Sunday when we got home from church.

We went to the fair on Friday and all I wanted was a corn on the cob and a huckleberry shake. I waited all day for them. I craved them. I did not decide that since I had both corn on the cob and huckleberries at home that we should save the $15 and eat our own. Dang, I'm like a different person these days.

My little boy is starting 1st grade next week. New school, all day long and he just might have to ride the bus. I am not in a complete hurricane of feelings about all of this. People do it all the time, kids do great. I will be doing some big praying next week. Join me, please.

I will be making a lot of the Christmas gifts we give this year for many reasons. Homemade gifts take thought and love which is way better than spending $50 on a kitchen appliance, everyone already has everything they need, and we are on a budget. I have come up with some really, really, really good ideas. But, I did not start making my lists and getting ready already in September. That would be way too organized and prepared.


  1. i have been doing home made gifts for several years now, i love it. remind me to give u some ideas :)

  2. also, i will pray for Aid, scary I know. I want to be involved in the meet at the pole thing!

  3. What's meet at the pole? poor you! I will pray because for 4 years I worried about bus stops for my baby. :(