Saturday, August 15, 2009

Silly girl

You know when you are sleeping and you wake up suddenly and you are completely disoriented. You aren't sure what day it is or where you are. I totally had that experience last night.

It was Adam's ten year reunion last night so he got home pretty late. I stayed home with Abby and since she refused to go to sleep we were also up late. I was reading when he got home. He told me stories about the people who were totally the same after ten years and some he didn't recognize and gave me the greetings from the ones I know. Sounded like he had fun and the stories made me giggle. By the time we actually went to sleep it was very late.

I don't really remember falling asleep. I remember him taking a shower and asking me a question about something but I am pretty sure I moaned and rolled over and that's all. The next thing I know it is still dark but our bathroom light is on and he is getting dressed at the end of our bed. I panicked . For some reason I totally thought he was leaving me. In the middle of the night while I slept. A cowards escape. I quickly sat up and said "Adam, what are you doing?" He looked as confused as I did when he answered with a grin, " What do you mean, what am i doing? I have to go to work." I completely forgot he had to go to work early this morning. It hadn't been that long since we had went to bed. I was completely out of it. Well ,then of course when I realized he would be home before it was time to actually wake up I felt like a silly girl. I rolled over and pulled the covers up to my chin.

He reminded me of our conversation this morning and made me blush. I felt ridiculous. I don't know why I assumed he was running away. I do know that it was super scary to think of life without him even if for just a moment. He laughed at me and teased me about freaking out. He leaned down to kiss me and reminded me that he had made me a promise. A promise that will last forever. A promise of love. He wasn't going anywhere. Especially in the middle of the night. And especially in work clothes.


  1. Maybe he slipped you a ruffie?

  2. That's much worse than when you came in my room in the middle of the night looking for a map. We never did find that treasure, did we?