Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Me Monday

I did not find a rice crispy in my hair fourteen hours after rice crispy treats were eaten at a baseball game. I didn't even eat one. My six year old did. I had slept, ran, and many other things with that in my hair. So grooooosssss.

I put my daughter on the couch next to her brother and went to the kitchen to make her a bottle and him some chocolate milk. I did not then hear a loud thud and run to the living room where I did not find my sweet seven month old doing a headstand on the carpet. She definitely did not have rug burn on her nose. And my husband and my girlfriends did not bring it up any chance they had.

I did not realize that the last time I purchased tennis shoes was 6 years ago. Ohmygosh! So, I will be purchasing new running shoes before my next run tomorrow. I'm not really a shoe girl, obviously. Its flops in the summer and uggs in the winter. My husband has more shoes than I do.

My sister had a garage sale at her house last week. So, to round up a few things...I did not clean out my kitchen and find dozens of things I don't use, a few I didn't know I had and a few that I didn't know what they were. I took them all to the garage sale and made some room in my cupboards and my kitchen looks less cluttered and brighter. Yeah! I made $53 at one and $35 at the other. Not bad, right?

I did not run away yesterday when my fight or flight response hit me like a ton of bricks. I did not come home to a son who had been crying and didn't think I was coming home. I wish I could have told him that I would never do that again but I know myself better. So, I told him that I would always come home and he didn't need to be sad or scared. I will work on it...but I'm a runner.


  1. u wanted to become a runner and u already are!!!! wahoo!
    i think running is often way better than staying and fighting.
    did u eat the rice crispy? hehe
    and dont think i'm done reminding u of the rug burnt nose, cuz i'm not :)

  2. I HATE that baby hitting the floor noise! My daughter used to jump out of her crib...
    WOOHOO on the garage sale! I really need to have one...but I NEED all the stuff I have. Even if I don't use it. Or remember I have it...I'm a huge packrat.