Friday, August 14, 2009

Moonlight Sign

That is the moon that looks like a capital A. It was so low it looked like I could reach out and grab it. I took this picture while we were driving and this is how it turned out. I kept it because, well, A is our letter and maybe it was a sign.

We were driving home from Seattle one night. It was my birthday gift to Adam two years ago. He hadn't been to Seattle in almost ten years and we had never been together. So, I took him and we did all the fun stuff we could. We went to The Crab Pot and shared fresh seafood. We went to a Mariners game and had peanuts and beer and watched Adam's favorite team play America's favorite past time. We went to EMP (experience music project) and oohed and ahhed. We did the underground tour which was amazing and a little eerie. We stayed at a beautiful old downtown hotel and walked around to see the old buildings, we were newlyweds so we also stayed in. We went to Pike Street Market and watched the flying fish. We had a wonderful time experiencing it for the first time together. And sometimes that is the best way to experience something.

Come to think of it...he has never been to Hawaii either. Hmmm.....


  1. i love the picture and i love the post. makes me actually want to go to seattle :)

  2. Great post Ada! All the things I love to do in Seattle. It's one of my favorite places for a quick lil vacay.
    And you are right, it's like doing something for the first time.... again. (only thing that beats that is going somewhere absolutely new to both.

  3. I love Seattle. I'm hoping to take the kids for spring break. Wouldn't Jules love the zoo?!