Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Momma needs a new pair of shoes

I had previously mentioned that the last time I got new tennis shoes was six years ago (to lose the baby weight from Aid). That is only like five more years than you are supposed to go in one pair of shoes. And now that I started running I could feel it. I thought perhaps new shoes would make it easier to stick to my running plan and make it to my goal.

Now that we are a one income family (by choice and with no regrets) we have quite the strict budget. We got a $10 gift card in the mail from Kohl's and after looking through their Sunday sale paper I found a few pairs for $35-$50. So with ten dollars off it would be perfect, right.

We took our gift card to Kohl's tonight to look around. I grabbed a few pairs and some socks (as you know I only wear flops) and took a seat to try them on, walk around and pick out my new kicks. Some I didn't like, some didn't fit, some Adam didn't like (he actually said it looked like I had bananas on my feet), some were still $75 which is entirely too much. But, there was this one pair. They felt good and comfortable. They fit just right. They aren't beautiful (which is to say there is no pink on them). But, then we checked the price...


They quickly became beautiful.

That's right. They were on clearance for only $13.99 (originally $70) and with $10 off I paid $3.99 for my new, lovely New Balance running shoes. They looked way better to me after that (even with no pink). I think they were sent by the shoe angels. These are my running shoes. These are the shoes that will help me run my 5k. I love my new kicks and they are going to love me.


  1. way to go! That is AWESOME shopping! I might have to ask you to teach me how..I'm not very good at that. :( And I have to learn by spring!!!

  2. You know I love a good deal and that's a good deal! Nice!