Monday, August 3, 2009

Not Me Monday

We went to a wedding this weekend. We are friends of the bride's parents and it meant a lot to us that they would include us in this special day. It was a beautiful day with an absolutely beautiful bride. However, I did not read the invitation wrong and show up an hour early. It would be silly so itdid not start a little tiny fight with my sweet husband. I would also like you to know that I most certainly did not cry during the ceremony like it was my own. Such a cry baby.

I did not finish my last Twilight book on Sunday morning at 4am because I couldn't sleep and then get a little sad because it was over. No more Bella, no more Edward, no more Jacob. Sad, so sad.

I did not celebrate my two year anniversary and realize I am falling more and more in love with my adoring husband. I am not the luckiest & most spoiled wife in the whole world.

I did not let my baby girl coo and babble all through church service just because I think it is the sweetest, most precious noise I've ever heard. I didn't worry about the people around us until I heard them laugh at her noises too. Apparently we ALL thought it was a sweet sweet noise.

I did not make a deal with my husband about the number of kids we will have. It has nothing to do with a snow blower and two more bebes. (number three will then be under discussion) Look out I come.

I did not feel the least bit relieved when my husband decided that he did not want to go to his ten year reunion. I went to my ten year reunion, fours years ago I might add, and it was not a night I would like to repeat. This has nothing to do with the planning committee which I know and love. It is just that the people I spent the night with on the boat were the people that spent every other free night in my backyard so...

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  1. tell me u didnt watch the first twilight movie yet??!! can we have a date?? pretty please