Thursday, August 20, 2009

10 Things Thursday

10 Things I packed just now for our vacation to California since we leave tomorrow for a week of sun, fun and Disneyland.

1. Black tevas and black cardigan to go with everything else black I packed. Tangent: Someone once told me black was my color. I was standing in the drive thru of the favorite bank I worked at (ever) wearing a black button up and a gray skirt. We are now friends and he and his wife came to the hospital when my daughter was born. Love them.

2. Jewelry for each outfit. I have it why not wear it and a lot of it. You can call me Gypsy if you want.

3. Coconut body butter. Smells like summer, right? I don't pack perfume because what if the bottle breaks.

4. Swimsuits. We are going to the beach and the house we are staying at has a pool. Yippee!

5. Sunscreen and sunglasses for every day all day.

6. Books. Still Life with Woodpecker and The Probable Future.

7. The necessities: make up (which in the summer consists of eyelash curler, mascara and lip gloss), toothbrush, face lotion, deo, face wash, pony tail holders & headbands, and vitamins.

8. Camera and battery charger. I plan on taking 1000 pictures. Do you dare me?

9. Snackies: Trail Mix (for me & the sweet husband), goldfish and cheese crackers (for Aidan), applesauce (for Abby). I would take water but you and I both know the security schmecurity won't let us through with more than a mouthful of water so I will buy it inside and pay a mark up of 400%. :) Just kidding. I love the security...I would rather have tons of security and make it to Cali than no security and have a crazy on the plane.

10. New, long, black, vneck, comfy, perfect for traveling dress w/black flops. Ok, not actually packing it but I am wearing it and have to pack it back so I am listing it. And I am in love with it. And it cost me $10. It's delicious. Deeeeelicious.


  1. You're going to have a wonderful time! Hurray for the $10 dress--what a find!

  2. Have fun and say "hi" to Mickey for me.

  3. I dare you...! Have fun and be safe!