Friday, August 14, 2009

Three Blind Birds, Three Blind Birds, See How They Fly

Um, I think maybe the birds in my neighborhood are blind. At least once a week I have birds that run into my living room windows and knock themselves out. Then they lay in the planters that border my house and sleep it off. I guess I will give them a little bit of credit. We have windows on the whole northwest living room and dining room side of our house from top to bottom. And clearly they are REALLY clean. Maybe they think they can just fly right in. Maybe they want to join our family. We do have a good thing going here. Well, they should definitely try the front door because those windows do not open. That probably wouldn't scare me as bad. I mean here I am sitting on the couch giving Abby a bottle and this hard, loud thump hits the house behind me. I jump, Abby jumps, milk goes everywhere, then I have to look for the bird because what if it wasn't a bird. What if it was a rock. I do have some enemies, you know. Maybe I should plant some soft ground cover in the planters. That way when they fell it would be a soft landing. Or I could just throw some mud on my windows to try to discourage them from thinking it was just a path to the good stuff. Or maybe it is just survival of the fittest. Bye bye dumb birds.


  1. at gordy and sheilas house the hummingbirds do the same thing, then i rush outside and grab them and hold them until they come back to life and see my big fat face and freak out, then i free them. its always a highlight for me.

  2. You do have a lot of windows and really cute kids. Maybe they just want to have a play date.