Friday, August 21, 2009

Shakira Shakira

So...the other morning while feeding my daughter/checking my email/blogging/facebooking/working/making lists/ I had the top 20 countdown on the good old VH1. VH1...that makes me laugh. Anyway, it was on in the background and when I looked up I saw my good friend Shakira. Yes, we are friends. Yes, we are. I looooove myself some Shakira. She is gorgeous with an incredible body and her voice makes me want to dance. I mean come on, Hips Don't Lie. Now that was a song. I loved it. I sang it. I danced to it. It was my ringtone on my phone. It was fabulous. Scratch that. It is fabulous.

Well, this was her new song Shewolf and it frightened me. This song, well I don't even know about this song because this video was like a car accident, I actually couldn't pay attention to the music. I couldn't look away even though it was terrible. Her body moved like a broken puppet. I don't think bodies are supposed to do that. It was one of the strangest things I had ever seen. And don't even think this is a jealousy thing. Like she is so hot and can dance and I'm just mad about it. Not true. I looove her, remember. And my husband always says that I check out girls more than he does. I am always saying "did you see her? she was pretty." or "oooh, look at her hair...that is some good hair." or "dang, I wish that was my ass." So, I'm not being mean I just was sad that her body seems to be broken. Broken Shakira. She said it best...Hips don't lie...and her hips clearly were in pain.

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  1. Remember when we used to sneak and watch MTV? I love it that you now watch VH1. And you don't even have to turn it really quickly when someone walks in. :)