Sunday, August 30, 2009

Demi Moore gets Patrick Swayze and I get this...

I woke up the sweet husband last night moaning and groaning. He is used to it, so he tried to wake me up to relieve me from the bad dream I was so clearly having. The thing is...I wasn't asleep. I had been asleep, but I was awake at that point and was seeing things. I thought I saw a man in our bedroom. It wasn't a real man, more like an apparition. He looked old and sickly and he was getting closer to me so I tried to push him away. When Adam turned on the bathroom light and laid back down beside me it went away. We stayed there in the partially lit bedroom for a while until I thought I was awake enough that I would be ok. The problem was when he turned the light back off and got back in bed the ghost man had just moved to the end of the bed. I prayed Jesus him away. I just kept repeating..."Please God make that go away. Please God make that go away." It finally did and with the left side of my body touching Adam's from our head to our toes I fell asleep again. It was ridiculous.

Do I think it was a ghost? No. Can I explain why it came back or why when I was clearly awake I could still see it? No. My best theory is that it was shadows playing tricks on my eyes. And the dang Planet of the Apes that was on in the same room I was in yesterday afternoon probably didn't help...creepy little monkey people.

It's not that I don't believe in ghosts. I do. But, that wasn't one. I've seen one before and it wasn't like that.

We lived in an old house when I was in high school. I had the bedroom in the back at the end of the short hallway. I was asleep one night when I woke up for some reason and saw something standing in the hall. At first I thought it was our dog standing up on his back legs. This is not possible for two reasons. One, our dog slept outside and two, he was too old to stand up on his hind legs like that. So, I literally rubbed my eyes and blinked a dozen times to get a better look and what I saw was most certainly not our yellow lab mix. It was a little girl, probably five years old. She had curly red hair and was wearing a little dress. She was just standing there looking at me. Well, let's just say I am a scaredy cat so I screamed. Oh, hellsyeah, I screamed. "Dad!" "Dad!" When I started screaming she cocked her head to the side like she couldn't understand why I was freaking out. My dad came running down the hall to save me from whatever it was that was disturbing the whole house. He ran right through her. Really, he ran through her and she just kind of disappeared. He was in my room, I was crying and trying to explain what had happened and when he turned on the bathroom light to make sure there was nothing there she was gone.

It was super real. I mean, she cocked her head when I screamed, real. It was so real, the next day my sister and I went to the library to do research on the house and the land where we lived. We tried to find who lived there before us, how long the house had been there, if there were any stories that would explain what I saw. We didn't find any explanation and I never saw her again.

But, I did sleep on the couch outside my parents bedroom for the next month or more just in case.


  1. I went to school with a guy whose family tore down there house and built a new- smaller one because of 'ghosts'. He said the phone would fly down from upstairs, the would get jerked out of bed at night and welps and scratches on their bodies.
    I don't know what to think about all that- probably ought to turn the tv off though!

  2. I hate that feeling of waking up so scared and not being able to get rid of it. Yikes. I remember that about the little girl. I wonder if anyone else who lived there before or since has seen her?

  3. chupa: she seemed much nicer than their ghosts. nothing else ever happened. thank goodness. I would assume if you tore down your house it must have been pretty bad.

    Jen: I thought that same thing but asking gene & irma may be useless...they were old then and the people that live there now honestly are a little frightening.

  4. Creepy! I've never had an encounter with anything ghostly, but my mind conjures up nocturnal invasions of monster spiders all the time.

    Given a choice, I'd think I'd rather have the ghosts.

  5. I have to agree that the people who live in your old house do seem to be quite frightening. They had a yard sale today....I didn't stop!!!

  6. I HATE that! Never had the awake ghosty thing...but I can never ever sleep when my husband is at work. The 3 real seconds of sleep I get are full of awful dreams. Once I SWEAR I saw 3 people (2 guys and a girl) open my bedroom door and run into my bathroom. I ripped the covers off and chased after them to wake up in my bathroom (super duper small bathroom) trying to find them. Hate that!
    I also hate when you have that sick/scared feeling and it only goes away when you pray it away. My problem is that my brain gets so overwhelmed with fear that its hard to concentrate on the prayers and it takes me forever to feel better :(

    Poor you!