Monday, August 17, 2009

Not Me Monday

I am back in the swing of things. I finished another book. That makes eight in last seven weeks. I did not finish My Sisters Keeper and throw the book down and get straight on the phone with my besty to discuss this book and what I think was a crock ending.

I did not try two different times to watch Benjamen Button and finally give up as it did not hold my interest in the least. I mean Brad is kind of cute but not when he is a tiny old man..."I'm seven." Although the little red headed girl in the beginning...the prettiest girl EVER.

You know those girls that just freak out at the first sign of trouble. I am not one of them so I did not completely over react to a text message sent by Aidan's dad without having all of the facts and feel completely ridiculous when it turned out to be nothing.

I did not check one of my favorite blogs all weekend for a new post and when I found nothing wish I had his email address to check on him. I did not email one of the other blogs I read faithfully when I could think of nothing else to do after her post was on my heart all day. She is amazing and an inspiration to me.

I did not look through the bulletin at church this morning and put an asterisk by all the things I want to do. It did not include hosting a small group of middle school aged children for a weekly study even when my mom said I was crazy.


  1. i could not get that benjamin bratt movie out of my head for a week - it messed w/ me for some reason.
    so strange, cuz i thought about the middle school thing too. it would be crazy tho, middle schoolers r creepy.

  2. Keep trying Benjamin. It gets better.

    Teenagers scare me too, but I've gotten more involved with them lately and realize that they need people like us to love them. Hosting them would be a blessing to them and you.