Friday, August 28, 2009

Random Ramblings on the local fair

I wear flops every year and every year I marvel at how dirty my feet get. Gross.

Had my first elephant ear today...not really a fan. The private school I went to when I was younger used to have a booth at the fair. They served ice cream waffle sandwiches. Two waffles with vanilla ice cream in the middle and powdered sugar sprinkled on top. They should bring that back. I was a huge fan of that.

Where are the mothers of these girls that are barely dressed? Really? Shorts should be longer than your panties. Shirts should cover all of your belly. And get your hair out of your face.

I love myself a rodeo. I love that we pray before they start. I love that all the cowboys take off their hats during the anthem. I love the music they play. I love seeing my dad and my son as they watch. I love that the bull rider who just turned 21 had earned $450 thousand dollars last year.

My favorites are the photography, quilts and the garden exhibit. I am in awe of those women that quilt like that. We entered a photo of my son's this year. He got an honorary ribbon, all the kids did. I thought it was sweet. The garden exhibit always has huge produce that my mom compares to hers and I envy the flowers. Maybe some day I will enter something. Maybe.

My son and I for the last two years have had our picture taken with the alligator in the exotic animals exhibit. We went in today to get our annual photo and there was a huge yellow snake laying in the spot where the alligator was supposed to be. Snakes are completely different than alligators and there is no way, no how, I was holding a snake. Sorry kiddo.

I spent a lot of time trying to show my daughter and my niece the animals when they were more interested in the cages they were in or the water they drank. Too young still. I felt a little silly, I will try again next year.


  1. while i do love elephant ears the waffle thing sounds waaaay better, can u make that for me some friday morning??
    so true, where r these mothers? and all the teenagers diving into 2nd base fondling one another?? what the heck!?
    $450k? maybe i should start ridin bulls :)

  2. What is an elephant ear?

    The girls at our fair looked like street walkers- when I thought where are these girls parents? and How on earth could a mother of ALL people- let her daughter go out looking like that? I knew I was officially old!

  3. Adam and I are making ice cream waffles for dessert next Tuesday. I was telling him about them yesterday and we both thought it would be a great family dinner dessert!

  4. KT: you got it. waffles are perfect for breakfast & even better if they include ice cream. yum. yes, instead of fair security there should be fair parental supervision. ugh.
    Chupa: not a cinnamon sugar fried flat doughnut but lighter. is that completey confusing? people around here (besides me) love them.

    jen: YES!!!!!!