Thursday, October 1, 2009

10 Things Thursday

10 things I got for my precious daughters birthday party which is three months away, but the stuff was all pink and 80% off so I had to get it now and it only cost me $20 instead of $100 and thanks to my wonderful mother in law who loves me and my precious daughter I was able to. Phew...

1. Princess invitations (they definitely have the word queendom on them)

2. Princess thank you cards

3. Princess plates & napkins

4. Princess candy bracelets and candy castle puzzles

5. Pink happy birthday banner

6. Princess cookie cutters (high heel shoe, crown, wand, diamond ring, castle, etc)

7. Candy princess cupcake toppers and sprinkles

8. Paper princess tiaras for all girls to wear (I will be wearing my real one, yes I have a real one)

9. Pin the crown on the princess game ( I will use tape instead of pins...that would be just mean to have pins stuck in the princess' face)

10. Pink Princess Ribbon for the birthday girl


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  2. i have almost all of the same stuff at my house too! so glad u told me about the big sale, thanks to u Jills little Lulu gets a princess cupcake/cookie birthday party in december!
    only wish i could have found something for my little guys day :( keep your eyes open for something, k?

    thanks again, cute stuff!

  3. You're mother-in-law does love you both very much and sees the princess in both of you everyday...but birthdays must be packed with fun!OX

  4. Well, no wonder I couldn't find plates when I went today to get the same stuff for Jules. You obviously bought them all. Do you think that when the girls see the pictures when they are 16 they will be mad that I copied you and they had the same party just because the stuff was 80% off. Oh, and not to rub it in, but I got an extra 20% off my total purchase today so mine was super, super cheap.

  5. I'm crashing.. so just know that.

  6. Kelly: Kobe is probably too big for the pirate stuff, huh? Dang.

    Karm: Thanks again. We love it!!

    Jen: 80% plus 20% doesn't that mean it was FREE????

    Dor: crashing? your car? sleeping? are you ok? :)