Sunday, October 11, 2009

Random Rambles

Did you know there is a goldfish in Smart Water bottles? There is. Take a looksy next time you go to the grocery. Or even a bottle and have a drink. It's like the most delicious water on the earth.

Did I just type "it's like"? That's like crazy...I like never talk like that. Please envision me chewing gum and flipping my hair around.

I had no plan to go to the gym today. It was a day off. A much needed day off. My body aches from head to toe. I had wicked painful shin splints on my last run. Yet, I felt guilty all day for not going. Crazy?

Got advice from the sweet husband on what to do to make my shins feel better. Also got unsolicited advice from the ex husband for shin splints. They weren't the same at all. I googled it and got total different advice. Ugh.

I have jury duty starting on Tuesday. I don't mind serving. I enjoyed the last time I was a juror. Not looking forward to it since I know they are choosing for a murder that happened around here starting Tuesday. And I have the sweet baby girl I would rather spend my day with than twelve strangers, two suits, a robe and a murderer.

When you tell people you got the jury letter you automatically get a million different ways to get out of being chosen. Most include radical views. Can't I just be honest and tell them it is inconvenient for me and my daughter and my new exercise program?

Had the new tv show Flash Forward on our dvr. We watched two episodes. I like it. The sweet husband isn't sure about it yet. Premise: the whole world blacks out for two minutes at the same exact time. Causes disaster. During the black out each individual sees into their future, six months into their lives. Made me think if I would want to see my future. I'm going with no.


  1. Dan spent 6 weeks on a jury this summer for a rape/burglary trial. He had everyone telling him how to get out of it, but in the end got chosen. He said it was one of the best experiences of his life and wouldn't trade it for anything, except for maybe the fact that someone was raped part, that was very hard for everyone on the jury.

  2. I also say No on the knowing the future question. I have enough to figure out with one day's information at a time!

  3. I get shin splints if I wear good running shoes, but NO shin splints if I wear cheapy canvas sneakers.

  4. The fishy in the bottles are pink now for Breast Cancer Awareness!

  5. shin splints???? what in the world are you talking about? hehe
    jury duty is a duty but one worth serving. do it, we need ya.
    i think i would like to see ahead a little bit, i'd be better prepared :)

  6. CLC: My jury was cancelled...I am done for two years.
    Katrina: I'm with you.

    Jen: I remembered that. Here is the sick part...I would rather have shin splints than have people look at me like I don't know what I'm doing by wearing keds on my run. I know...sick.

    Jamie: What in the pink fishies?

    KT: I would have served if it wasn't cancelled. Especially since it said "laying aside all excuses show up here or pay the ultimate". Prepared or worried. I vote worried. ha.