Friday, October 9, 2009

Love Actually Is All Around

I went to the airport today to pick up some family. It is hunting season so the boys flew in to spend a week in the woods with my dad. I love when they are here. My dad smiles and laughs and we hear the best stories. When they are gone I get to spend some time with my mom. It's good times all around.

Today when we were waiting for one more flight I saw the best homecoming. It was like I was in the opening airport scene of Love Actually. It was a mom with three little boys at the luggage carousel. They were joined by Poppa soon after. They found the luggage of whoever it was they were waiting for although they had yet to see the actual people. Then a young couple with a stroller were spotted. There was screaming. There was running. There were hugs and smiles and giggles and more hugs. I got a little teary through my own huge smile. It warmed my heart to see such love and happiness.

I thought that the airport might be a good place to come when you needed to see some human goodness. Where you can see that embrace of two lovers. Where you can see a mom return home to her babies and squeeze them super tight. Where you can see old friends reunite for this years hunt. Where you can see men return from war and see their newborns for the first time. This is the backdrop of love and they are all over the country.

It also is the backdrop for some really good photos. Take a looksy at what I found yesterday.


  1. Love this post--you paint a beautiful word picture!

    What fun engagement photos! I bet the ones from the bowling alley will turn out really great, too. :)

  2. reunited and it feels so good!
    pics are def different but i think i like them :)