Monday, October 19, 2009

Not Me Monday

Check out tons of other things that did not happen at the mother of Not Me Monday.

I have been working out every weekday (rest on Saturday & Sunday) and counting calories like a crazy supermodel. I have been feeling great and I can see a difference already in my legs and my face. So when I weighed myself and lost five pounds in less than two weeks I did not get super crazy mad. Don't get me wrong...I love that I already lost five pounds. It was the number on the scale. This is why I got rid of my scale. No matter what I was feeling or how I thought I looked and how my clothes fit if I got on that dang scale and it said something I didn't want to see I would go into a crazy mood and get all upset. I am not going to weigh anymore. Well, maybe just once a month. Maybe.

After buying my costume for the pumpkin holiday and realizing that aside from a few ruffles it is pretty much sleeveless and that I only have two weeks... I did not, after my run, work out my arms until I could barely pick up my baby girl.

I most certainly did not give the name Jesus (pronounced Hay Zeus) to an unfortunate soul who carried his belongings with him. Please let me explain. One of my besties and I went shopping for costumes on Friday. We were talking about explaining the Trinity to children on the way over. I had mentioned that I guess when I picture Heaven I see a God figure and a man figure of Jesus. So we were discussing that. Then we started talking about what Jesus looked like when he was on earth. We decided that all the pictures that look alike probably aren't wrong. I told her that I think he looks like "that" and I pointed over to her side of the car where she had her visor down and on her visor was a card with a picture of Jesus that once belonged to her Grandma. She looked past the picture and out her window where there was a homeless man sitting on the street corner. She looks at me with a puzzled look on her face. I quickly realize that she has not seen the card I was pointing at but thinks I was referring to the transient and we both start to giggle. We giggle and giggle and that turns into all out laughter. Laughter that we cannot control and that takes our breath away. Ahhhh, good times.

I politely and happily held the door open for a mom with two kids and when she didn't respond with a thank you, a smile, or a kiss my ass, I did not let her fend for herself with the second set of doors.

I was not completely and utterly embarrassed when my above reference bestie commented on the state of my bedroom. I had started cleaning it (packing away summer clothes) and you know how it gets worse before it gets better??? Well, she saw it at the "worse" stage so I did not spend hours in there making it shine like the top of the Chrysler building.


  1. It's peanut butter jelly time.

  2. To explain the trinity to kids, you use an apple--three parts:seeds, fruit, skin, but still all the apple. Or an egg: yolk, white, shell.

    Mmmm...peanut butter and jelly! :)

  3. Congrats on the five pounds! And I totally agree--I have to make my visits to the scale few and far between.

    Your last line made me laugh. "We love you, Miss Hannigan!"

  4. Chico: My house has been a neverending chorus of that and I may be in a fight. :)

    Jen: That's what I said. But our pastor just said the other day that those examples are the silliest thing in the whole world to compare Jesus to an egg. :) KT had a good one. Draw a cirlce put your name in it. Draw two different circles that are still a part of the main circle write daughter and mother in those two. All three seperate but still you. I loved it.

    Katrina: Thank you for recognizing my ode to Annie. I love you for that!

  5. my room often looks worse than that, no judgement.
    i like the circle idea too, i stole it from another friend.
    i hate the scale, blah- but i still find myself on that thing too often.
    jesus was homeless sometimes, maybe it shouldn't have been so funny (but it was- hehe)

  6. Kelly: I can't help was funny. Blasphemous perhaps but funny nonetheless.

    Wanna do it again soon????