Saturday, October 17, 2009

Budget Belle

I waited all week and it finally came...The MOPS sale. Its the Mother of Preschoolers semi annual sale where I try to find clothes for my kiddos for cheap cheap cheap. And I always do. Here is what I brought home today...

For the now 9 month old baby girl
11 pairs of pants
5 skirts
9 dresses
4 shirts
6 sweaters
3 hoodies
2 pairs of pjs
5 outfits (pants & shirts w jackets)
2 pairs of tights
2 pairs of shoes
1 winter coat
4 toys

This includes numerous, Gap, Childrens Place, Old Navy, Kenneth Cole and XOXO brands in sizes 12-24 months. It also includes a Christmas dress for next year with the tags still attached and I paid a quarter of the price.

For the 6 year old boy
4 shirts
1 pair of pants
1 Vest
1 Sweatshirt
1 pair of shoes

The shoes are Adidas cleats for soccer...$.75. Yep, they look new and I didn't even pay a dollar. The sweatshirt is a red Hurley hoodie that I got for $1. But my best find for him was a school shirt. We got the order form for school shirts and I totally forgot to get him one. Dang, I felt awful. Well I found one today and it cost me $1. Yeah!!!

In summary I got 62 items and I paid $73 and yes I am really bad at math but, isn't that just over one dollar an item???? What? That is AMAZING!

Now I have to get all these clothes washed and put away. Ugh. I didn't wait all week for this part.

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  1. Good shopping!!! Where is this? I've never heard of it.