Monday, October 12, 2009

Not Me Monday

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I went with my mom on Sunday afternoon to run around and went to a store that I never go into. I knew I would be safe to not spend any money there. I did not end up spending $15 and get five shirts and a pair of shoes. I know, right. I am the best shopper in the world.

I went to yoga twice this week. Looove it. I did not fold in to a swan dive pose, hit my toe with my hand and knock my toenail polish off. Since I am completely in the zone whilst doing my yoga I did not worry that the girls next to me would see the naked toe nail and make judgements of me. I certainly don't care what people think. Oh, and I for sure did not paint said naked toe nail in my car before I got out at the airport even though I was a little bit late already.

I did not speak of one Edward Cullen like he was real. I did not look like a complete crazy person talking to myself about a fictional character and how he sparkles and sings. What? You didn't know he sings...he does. It's glorious, isn't it?

Went to my nephews birthday party this week. Well, at least for a little bit before I snuck to the gym (thanks Mom). It was a skate party, which is sooo cool when you are ten. The kids had a fun time skating. So did the two guys that showed up in their matching waist long hair, white pants, tie dye tees, bandannas with actual synchronized routines. I watched them for at least three songs until YMCA came on and I had to teach my 16 month old niece the moves. I did not want to kick myself when I found out they had done a whole performance in the middle of the skate rink while I was gone.

It is only two and a half months until Christmas. When that realization hit me in the shower I did not double freak out because I have not started one craft and not bought one present. Oh, I take that back. I got the baby girl a Care Bear movie the other day and when I got it home realized it was a Halloween care bear movie. Ugh. I do not hate Halloween so I'm not returning that move today.


  1. Shopping with mom? I'm jealous.

    Yoga sounds so good. Do you know of any good dvds I could do at home?

    Edward isn't real?!?!?

    You missed some mad skillz on the rink, I tell ya. I bet you can find them there any Friday afternoon, though.

    I actually have a box of Christmas gifts that I have been buying throughout the year. Now I just have to get to those handmade ones. And Care Bear Halloween? It's not scary at all in Care-A-Lot.

  2. Sis: it was just your old place of eployment & the going out of business antique store.

    There is a really good one on tv that I dvr sometimes. I'll find it.

    so super real. :)

    Don't tempt me...

    ha...wonder if there is a devil bear?

  3. dont remind me about christmas, ugh.
    did u ever think u could have gotten your work out in ON the roller rink floor? yeah, u could have.

  4. Kel: I know I COULD have. Two problems...I suck at skating. And, the two hippie boys would have distracted me and I would have been even worse. Read:disaster. And then Friday would have been much more difficult shopping while I was in a wheelchair.