Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Random Ramblies

About the gym...

The soap smells like a watermelon jolly rancher. Every time I wash my hands I get hungry. Who thought up this brilliant idea?

The indoor track is ran clockwise on Mon-Wed-Fri and counter clockwise on Tues-Thurs. (clearly, you can run on Sat or Sun. But, I don't so I don't know which way it runs) Regardless of there being signs that clearly state this; there is always someone going the wrong way. Last run I had to audibly (to myself) check what day it was and the guy that started running when I started could see my puzzled face and said to me "WE are going the right way...don't worry I have your back." I'm not sure but the lady that was going the wrong way didn't look like much of a bruiser to me. Nonetheless, I appreciate his support.

Speaking of the track...if you are taking a tour of the facility (which I encourage) please be aware that you are ON A TRACK. There will be people running. You standing in the middle of it and having a conversation about the pool downstairs is not the best idea. Move aside...

Are the ladies that use the gym provided yoga mats unaware of germs? Have you heard of this little thing called the swine flu? Bring your own mat, you grossies.

The kiddie pool area is only so big so just because a dad and his son are in close proximity to you and your daughter it doesn't mean he is hitting on you. It means that his son wants to play on the splash table as well. If they return and you happen to have a conversation it continues to mean that his son wants to play in the kiddie area. (yes, this is for you babe)

If you are in the pool and you swim in your white cover up please understand that it is completely transparent. We can see you and your swimsuit and even your belly button. And, for the record...you didn't need a cover up.

When a person has an ipod with earphones in, it is normally on. This means I can't hear you when you talk.

Um, I know it's hot when you are running on the stairmaster. I know you get sweaty but a little additional piece of material is not going to make that big of a difference. I promise. They even make material now that is designed for exercising. So, please, please put on a shirt. If you aren't in good shape we really don't want to see you in all your glory. If you are in good shape and want to show off all your glory then you should go out for cocktails with your girlfriends. Just saying.


  1. Hi, that was me in the Kiddie Pool and yes, I was hitting on you. I couldn't help it...close proximity and all. See you next week?

  2. Watermelon Jolly Rancher- one of natures most perfect foods.

  3. Anon: prove it...how old is your son?

    Chupa: Delish, right?

  4. ha! i need to join, but lets be honest i prob wont. i am proud of u.