Saturday, October 3, 2009

Random Ramblings

Sold our 52" tv and got a 42" flat screen to mount on the wall. My first comment..."It's so small...I hate it." I didn't mean it to sound as mean as it did. I do love that I have more room in my living room. The old tv took up so much room it was ridiculous. Ridiculous. I was just used to having my Joshua Jackson (Fringe) in real life size like he was in my living room and now he is just on a tv screen. It's like we broke up. Sad, huh? Not sad like I'm pathetic. Sad that we broke up.

You know I love myself a dollar store. We went yesterday to buy crayons, toothbrushes, stickers, chapstick, jump ropes and other small toys for a gift box we were packing for a Christmas project at church. We filled up two boxes that will make one little girl and one little boy smile and giggle. Saw a girl there that went to the same high school. She kept making snide remarks about the stuff. Um, it's the dollar store. I'm not sure what she was expecting. It was almost like she was embarrassed to be there. Don't be embarrassed...I'm here too.

Going to a double header soccer game in an hour. Hoping it doesn't rain. Seven wet six year olds running around and then trying to get warm doesn't sound like the most fun. Nor does a bundled up 9 month old who wants to crawl and cannot. Last but not least I'm pretty miserable to be around when I'm cold. Did I talk you into joining us?

Really want to to do the antique white, shabby chic look in my house. I love the look. Always have. But, there is a fine line between antique and junky. How do I mix what I have and get the look that I want? Thinking of starting in my bedroom. It is completely red so I use a lot of white to brighten it up anyway. Might be the easiest and safest and cheapest. Hmmmm...

As I write my son is tying up my baby girl in his Indiana Jones whip. I would put a stop to it but she seems to be ok. Well, she did. Apparently the Indy hat was the last straw. She is giving him what for now.

The family did ro sham bo to see what to make for dinner last night. I lost. I made stroganoff. From a box. Clearly my son won. The sweet husband and I made salads with huckleberry dressing, feta cheese and walnuts. Delish.

Turned our heat on. I made it to October 1st. Partly because we had a late warm summer which I loved but partly because I couldn't do it. No heat in September. It just doesn't seem right. It was just last week that I was having mid day cocktails outside in the sun and now it is 53 and gray and wet. And there was snow on one of the passes nearby. Too early. Waaaaay too early for snow.

Not really sure how my sweet husband puts up with me but am so glad he does. I can be, well lets say, trying at times. He is entirely too good to me and I'm still not sure how I got so lucky. He makes my life wonderful even when I don't deserve it.

I'm crazy addicted to the sweet tea from one fast food chain with golden arches. I adore it. It is sweet and cold and makes my mouth water. It would be watering right now if there wasn't one sitting on my left. I have had one a day for the last week. One day it lasted me two days. Or is that because I had two which would really be one and a half that day. Oopsy! They are only $1 so it isn't the money but I have yet to check the calories because I don't want to know. I probably could make it at home but I don't want to know how much sugar they put in it. So, I will just make friends with the drive thru girl and live in denial.


  1. ~the new tv is big enough
    ~who doesn't love the dollar store?
    ~screw fall
    ~adam IS wonderful but u DO deserve him
    ~a lot of coworkers are in love with that very same tea
    ~i love the shabby chic look, do it!

  2. i AGREE with all of kelly's input EXCEPT for that jab about the best season of the year :)