Thursday, October 8, 2009

10 Things Thursday

10 Shows I watch on a regular basis

1. Grey's Anatomy
Can't help it...I love these guys.
2. The Office
Jim & Pam, need I say more?
3. Fringe
My boyfriend Joshua Jackson is on here, plus his dad is funny.
4. Mad Men
The clothes, the men, the women who drink & smoke, even while pregnant.
5. Parks & Recreation
Like the Office, but not.
6. The Hills
Please, please don't judge me
7. Private Practice
Spin off from Grey's, its debatable.
8. Barefoot Contessa
9. Fantasy Factory
Rob of Rob & Big...sweet husband loves it.
10. Daddy's Girls
Rev Run's daughters who moved to Cali.


  1. I cannot say that I have ever seen any of those shows because I my house we are only allowed to watch ESPN or the NFL network. But I can tell you that The Hills is my favorite...I watch it online on my lunchbreak at work!!!!!!

  2. the office, that is the only one on there i have ever seen, ever.

  3. Mad Men is by far the greatest show on television right now!!!

  4. Christine: I can't help it. Although LC is my ll time fave. Not so sure about this season.

    KT: Seriously? that is crazy to me.

    Jen: you should make sometimes 2 ALWAYS 2.

    Calista: I do love it. I love the clothes and the men. I also love Joan and her real body.