Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Friendly Reminders

When someone holds the door open for you...say thank you.

When someone sneezes...say God bless you.

When someone smiles at you...smile back.

When someone gives you a compliment...graciously accept it.

When someone offers to help...allow them.

What did I forget?


  1. I think you hit all the obvious and important ones...translated.. that means my brain is blank!!

  2. When someone gives to you, give back when you're able.

    When someone needs a hug, don't be afraid to give it.

    When someone sings The Beverly Hillbillies song over and over and over, teach it to their children as payback.

  3. Dor. hee hee, that's ok.

    Jen: Amen. Amen. And go ahead...I loooove that song.

  4. when someone wants to complain...let them rant.
    when someone is so very happy...dont rain on their parade.
    when someone wants a puppy...just let have another one.

    right? i mean come on.

  5. kelly: i agree, i agree and hellsno. stop it. travis doesn't even read my blog. :)