Monday, October 5, 2009

Not Me Monday

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I did not get a bag of fresh jalapenos from my mom and proceed to make poppers for lunch Saturday. I am not addicted so I did not have them for lunch yesterday too. It would be ridiculous if when I went yesterday I got more just in case the craving strikes during the week. So, I didn't do that.

Speaking of those dang poppers... my girlfriend and I aren't soooo in love with this little treat that we did not decide that the heat of the jalapenos melts any and all calories so it's really like not eating at all. Genius!

I never leave my children unattended. So there is no way that I turned on a movie and told my little boy to watch his even littler sister so I could sneak just a few minutes of alone time with the sweet husband on a Sunday morning when we did not play hooky from church.

I am probably one of the most vain people I know so I would never for any reason under the sun walk my son to the bus stop in non matching yoga pants and sweatshirts with messy hair. I have a reputation you know.

My little girl goes with me to the salon when I get my nails done. This week I had lunch in the diaper bag for the sweet husband so he could swing by and pick it up since we are so close to his work. I did not smell something funny coming from a pair of size 9 month jeans. I did not call the sweet husband to see when he was going to be by to get his lunch. And I for sure did not tell him to hurry because his princess was stinking up the whole salon.


  1. Ooohh, can you bring me some poppers for lunch?

  2. i think i need to make some more poppers tonight, good timing too since i think i am going to start a diet - hehe

    we played hooky too. thats 2 weeks in a row for me, oopsie. i also forgot to do my homework for my Sunday night home group. but i did double homework for mondays group, so that works right?

  3. Oooohhh I love poppers. Do u use cream cheese? Never thought to make my own...that would be way cheaper..LOL