Monday, October 5, 2009

Four Letter Word for Starvation

Let me tell you what happens when you say the word diet to me...I get HUNGRY!

It is no secret that I have some baby weight to get rid of. Like 20 pounds. Ugh. And if I'm being really honest I have some happy weight to get rid of as well. You know the "fat and happy" that happens to you. When I got divorced I was pretty skinny. Skinny and miserable. I worked out a lot and didn't eat much. Stress did wonders for my figure. Now that life is good and I am happy some of that weight found me again. I thought I lost it but apparently it was just on vacation. And now it is home.

So, today I am starving. Know why? I said the word. The dang diet word. Ugh. Why do I do that. I know better. I ate a peanut butter toast for breakfast and a lean cuisine for lunch but right now I am starved. Starved on the verge of famished. Seriously. Luckily I have no junk food in the house. me I looked. I looked everywhere for popcorn, ice cream, leftovers. Nothing. Which is a good thing for the (shhhhh!) diet.

You may have noticed that my running took a vacation as well. It did. We went to Cali for a week and when I got back there was this incident with a van that was for some reason on the same route as my run. My run course quickly changed and since I am a scaredy cat my running suffered. And by suffered I mean stopped. My 5k was supposed to be this week and now I have to start all over. Double ugh! Just like me though to go big and then stop. I am starting again tonight. Joined a local community center and they have a (drumroll, please) indoor track. YEAH!!! Come and get me now scary man in the gray van with no windows that probably had four other pretty running girls in the back.

The plan is to start the 5k training again on the track and run M-W-F. Yoga is on Tu-Th-Sat. I am taking advantage of being home and having this membership. I am going to update my sidebar with my activities. Keeps me accountable. Plus I am dying to get back into my skinny jeans.


  1. i like this style of your writing. i can hear your voice while i read it. i want to be held accountable too. sick of being thick. hate having to dress just so. just so my fat doesnt poke out where it shouldnt. i'm not going to call it a diet, it will just be a eating modification plan.

  2. The same thing happens to me. As soon as I say I'm not going to eat whatever, that's all I want to eat. Why is it so hard?!?!

  3. I liked what Patsy Clairmont told us she did with that word last year. She told us she changed the letters around to spell EDIT! So, I prefer to Edit my eatting habits to help me feel better. When I think of Patsy it makes me smile and the word makes me feel like I can take charge of planning the change. Thought I'd pass the thought along. KR