Saturday, November 7, 2009


I cannot for the life of me get a little ditty by Miss Taylor Swift out of my head. I've tried. I am not a big fan of hers. I became a little bit more of a fan when she was accosted by Kanye West and handled it with such grace. Very impressive for a young lady. I heard the song at a party I did today and the whole time I was working in the back of my head was her little curly haired face singing her little Romeo & Juliet song. After I got home, kissed my bebe, made dinner and made dessert* there was a commercial for something on in the background with her singing that song. it will be in my head until tomorrow morning until hopefully one of the songs at church gets stuck in my head instead.

So for now, I leave you with this...

Marry me Juliet
You'll never have to be alone
I love you and that's all I really know
I talked to your dad go pick out a white dress
It's a love story, baby just say yes

* I should, for honesty sake, point out that dinner was take and bake pizzas and dessert was chocolate chip cookies made with dough I bought at the pizza place. It wasn't like I slaved away all night.

And again...

Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone
I'll be waiting all there is left to do is run
You'll be the Prince and I'll be the Princess
It's a love story, baby just say yes