Sunday, November 1, 2009


The Chic Chic Boom Chic took second place at the Halloween party. Yeah!!!! I lost only to the most amazing Mr. T I have ever seen in real life. I had the most fabulous time. My hat was perfect if I didn't move too quickly or bend over and duck the light fixtures. Ha! By the end of the night it was a little crooked so I removed it and took off the massive amount of jewels. Then I was told by my bestie's husband..."Without the hat you just look ridiculous." Oh, right Trav...the twelve inch hat covered in fruit was what kept me looking not ridiculous. Hee Hee.


  1. Pictures to prove it! I am sure anyone following this blog would love to see pictures of the runner up.

  2. the costume was very impressive, good work! there was no question that u and trav were the winners :)