Thursday, November 19, 2009

10 Things Thursday

10 things that have made me smile in the last week

1. making pirate sugar cookies with my kids even if they looked nothing like pirate anythings
2. family dinner with the people who love me the most, always have, always will
3. finding $100 worth of my old craft goodies at my parents
4. my son's parent teacher conference where the teacher told me she wishes she had 24 of him
5. our first week of home group that made me proud of my husband and my kids (for different reasons) and a feeling of belonging for myself
6. making a little bit of money for my family without having to go back to banking
7. a dozen different naps with my sweet baby girl, I love naps and I love her...double whammy of wonderful
8. text messages from my girlfriends just to check on me, make me smile or just tell me that they love me
9. having a husband that happily took care of everything while I watched girl movies and cried
10. believing in God and knowing He loves me