Monday, November 30, 2009

Not Me Monday

Check out tons of other things that did not happen at the mother of Not Me Monday.

Wednesday night after blogging, facebooking, working, looking for recipes and shopping a little bit, I did not try to watch the Adam Lambert AMA performance that was all over the internet and completely break my computer. It was down for the last four days. I was not upset that I didn't have access. I, also was not the least bit relieved.

We put up our Christmas tree yesterday. I did not buy all new ornaments at my favorite dollar store. After years of swearing that I would never use any colors other than the traditional red, green and white etc. I did not buy all pale green, pale blue, pink and purple glittery and sequined ornaments. It did not turn out to be my favorite tree of all time. All time.

Thanksgiving is spent at my parents house and it is always delicious, delightful and da bomb. (No, I did not just say that. Sorry, I ran out of d words). The only problem is there are no left overs at my house for hot turkey sammies. So, Saturday I did not prepare my own Thanksgiving dinner just for the leftovers. It made for some good sammies.


  1. there has been an ongoing christmas tree debate at my house for years, we will have to discuss at girls night.

    i also have no left overs and i am a little sad but considering i gained 8 pounds in 2.5 days, lets be honest, i dont need left overs

    computer crashing is what u get for trying to watch icky lambert, serves u right--did u see my post about him?

  2. KT: oooh, I can't wait.
    I can bring you some goodies if you want?!!?!?
    Um, not until today after I repaired said computer from the boy kisser. Dang!

  3. Stopping by from MckMama!

    I always planned on having a tree with bulbs in just one or two colors, but it's never worked out that way. My tree (which isn't up yet!) is definitely a pot-pouri!!!