Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dream Girls

Last night I had a dream that my dad called me in the morning and wanted me to get tickets to a concert that night. It was Sarah McLachlan, Nora Jones, Tori Amos, Ingrid Michealson and a few other lovely ladies that I can't remember. I do know this...my dad would never go to this concert. I also know that minus Tori Amos those ladies are among my favorites. It was like my own personal Lilith Fair. I remember looking online for the tickets and there were four seats left at the top row on both ends and they were only $34. Two tickets for me and a girlfriend and two tickets for my parents. I called to get the tickets and this is what I hear..."Hey Ada, it's Chad what can I do for you?" They must have some sort of ultimate caller id. I told him I needed tickets for the show...at least two. Apparently I was going to talk my dad out of it. Those tickets were most definitely for me. He was processing the tickets when we got disconnected. For some reason I didn't know we were disconnected so I was just waiting patiently for him to give me a total. When I realized Chad was not on the other end of the line I panicked and called him back. "Hey Ada, it's Chad. What can I do for you?" Um, friendly little Chad we got disconnected and I NEED those tickets. He had to look again because the tickets he had for me were now gone. While he was looking we got disconnected again. Are you kidding me? I was beside myself. I had to call him back. "Hey Ada, it's Chad. What can I do for you?" Well, for starters you can call me back using your crazy caller id when we get disconnected. And, then you can GET ME SOME TICKETS. Oh and I was standing in some mall. And my dad showed up and I was trying to talk him out of going to the concert. He was telling me that the guys he works with wanted to go too so could I get as many tickets as I could. (My dad is a mechanic and I was in his shop yesterday and I can pretty much guarantee the guys in there do not know who Sarah McLachlan is.) Chad was still looking for my tickets when I woke up. And I woke up mad. Mad that I was not going to spend the night with some fabulous, beautiful ladies with voices like angels. Ugh.


  1. Ooh! Ooh! Take me to the concert!

    And as a side note, was there music playing in dad's shop? Maybe a little Tori Amos that got stuck in your head only to reappear in your dreams? Just wondering.

  2. your dad doesn't love tori amos?? oh please, i doubt that. i am sure his touch ipod has a fab playlist with a little tori, MJ, the Twilight soundtrack and some Metallica. Or is it more like the old rugged cross on vinyl with a little oakridge boys added in for times of heathen rebellion?

  3. Ad rock- Am I missing something ? Didn't your thumbnail pic that shows up with your blog on my blog roll have a pregnancy test??????

  4. chup: it did. wrote it last night. today was a MUCH different day, a sad day.

    deleted it a la you in hope I wouldn't have to explain. :)
    But you know me...I'm not a quiet person. I'm sure there will be more than enough on here about it all.