Friday, November 20, 2009

Ramblies Ramblies

My dining room table is covered in crafties. Paint bottles & paint brushes, wooden frames, wooden ornaments, books, glitter, flowers, buttons, ribbon and numerous other things I can't see from here. I have been busy trying to get some things done while I have a 10 month old tugging on my leg and a six year old that wants to try his hand at everything I'm doing. Good times.

Tonight I'm going to a craft night with my sister at her church where I might just get some stuff done. Unless, that is I'm distracted by a gorgeous, pale skinned man that sparkles.

Speaking of a sparkling man...I definitely stood in line last night for over two hours to see the midnight showing of New Moon. It was cold and there were some crazy girls and one really cool boy near us, there were stories and screams, a man with burritos for $5 which soon turned to free(which three of us shared during the previews). The movie was incredible and I giggled more than once at the young girls around us who were audibly in love with Jacob and Edward both. Love myself a vampire.

I also love myself a good thrift store. I am addicted to them. I love to find something that I can turn into something else. I love finding something that needs a little white paint and will belong in our home. I love the sticker that says $1. Ooooh, boy. I love finding old material that I have big plans for. I love a bag of buttons for cheap cheap cheap. I have found some really good treasures in the last few weeks. I will post some photos of some goodies that I am absolutely in love with. Something to look forward to.

Also looking forward to my birthday which is in one month from tomorrow. That's right the countdown has begun. I will apologize now for the reminders which you will most certainly be sick of by December 21. I can't help it...


  1. I am TOTALLY excited for crafts just reading the first paragraph!!!

  2. I'm so glad you came to craft night. And I can't wait to see your finished craft projects!