Monday, November 2, 2009

Not Me Monday

Normally you can check out tons of other things that did not happen at the mother of Not Me Monday. But, she has been in the hospital with her dear Stellan. Please pray for him and his family.

Last week kept me busy...I did not agree to the addition of our family with only one more baby. Then I did not decide I didn't want any more babies. None at all. Then I did not go back to my original plan of a dozen more babies. Crazy girl that I am.

I definitely did not just remove a Sharpie marker and a box of matches from my 10 month old daughter's hands. She was not alternating putting them both in her mouth. The marker lid was on and the box was harm done.

I did not still have my pajamas on when I heard a knock on the door at two in the afternoon. I did not get big eyes and contemplate not answering it. It turned out to be my besties mom. Once again, no harm done.

I did not start making the Christmas Lists. Things to do, gifts to get, gifts to make, wish list, cards to mail, etc. I did not get all excited to sing carols and watch White Christmas and Love Actually.


  1. make sure that making a christmas CD of your beautiful singing voice is included on your christmas to do list!

  2. Have at least one more so that I can live vicariously through you being pregnant. :)

    Sharpie and matches?...could have been worse.

    PJs at 2:00?...lucky you.

    No Christmas yet! Thanksgiving!!!