Thursday, June 25, 2009

10 Things Thursday

10 Things I Thought Today At The Dr Visit For My Daughter

1. What a friendly lady at the front desk. She interrupted everyone to show her how cute and happy my sweet baby was.

2. Look now ladies, I'm sure she won't be this happy after her shots.

3. 18 pounds! 26 inches! Wow, she is big. I hope hope hope she gets her daddy's metabolism.

4. The reading material they give you on the vaccines is a little bit frightening.

5. Please God help her not be the 1 in 16,000 to have a bad reaction to this shot.

6. 5 shots, one combo and one oral so only three pokes. Phew.

7. What a good girl. The first shot was done and her face was red but no tears. Second shot was done and no tears. I'll have to tell her brother what a trooper she was.

8. Last shot and the lady jerked the needle around in her thigh like she was stirring soup. Damn it! Poor baby cried and I cried. And my mama bear came out full force.

9. Hey nurse lady, you better back up before I punch you in the throat.

10. I will NOT go back there. You don't get a second chance to hurt my babies. No way, no how.


  1. Got yer hackles up huh? You go girl!

  2. First, how can anyone not notice how cute and smiley Abby is? She's the cutest!

    At Julianna's last shots, she was old enough to give me the "Mommy, why are you letting them do this to me?" look. So sad.

  3. You needed our friend, George W. there to hand out dollar bills! When my oldest was younger, we timed it just right, as there was smiling George in the waiting area, waiting with one of his own, and a fistful of dollar bills to hand out to the stressing children...