Thursday, June 18, 2009

10 Things Thursday

10 things I will NOT eat

1. guacamole
2. peas
3. shrimp
4. lamb
5. cantaloupe
6. clams
7. asparagus
8. green beans
9. coffee
10. deviled eggs


  1. Unfortunately, there's not much I won't eat, and certainly not enough things to fill up a top ten list. How about a top two list?:

    Brussel Sprouts

  2. I'm pretty sure there are way more than 10 on your list. :) Check your email. I sent you something you should check out.

  3. You are missing some of the finest things in culinary life. Although, I'm with you on lamb. Too cute and fuzzy when young. Cows aren't fuzzy.

  4. Katrina: I should do a list of what I will eat and do on a regualar basis. :)
    Jen: There are WAY more things like 204 more things.
    KT: I cannot help it. Blame it on the taste buds.
    Kathy: You're right not fuzzy or cute. Yummy cows.

  5. You had me at guacamole and lost me at cantaloupe.