Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 2nd

Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you...

Today marks the birthday of three people in my world.

My sweet niece turns one today. She is adorable. She is beautiful and her giggle makes you giggle no matter what. She has these big eyes that can sometimes stare you down and sometimes melt you. Her smile is sweet and her hugs are sweeter. Happy Birthday Jules!

My mother in law also shares this birthday. Last year we spent her birthday in the hospital where she sat with me all day when my husband, her youngest son, was having surgery. We had birthday breakfast in the hospital cafeteria. How selfless is that? She loves my kids so much and rarely does she show up without a gift for one or both of them and sometimes even us. Happy Birthday Karmen!

And last but certainly not least my very best friend in the whole world has a birthday today. She is my twin. She is my person. She is my Raine. She knows me like no one else. My secrets, my dreams, my regrets, my hopes, my heart. She is my bestie and I couldn't imagine life without her. She loves road trips and music. She loves Capones and The Porch. She loves shopping and reading. She loves movies and traveling. She loves water and is a great swimmer. She loves vanilla vodka and good beer and most of all water. She loves her friends and her family. She must have her own car wherever we are. She is the most fashionable person I know. She is a damn good teacher. She takes the most amazing photographs. She makes me laugh like a crazy person and we have pictures to prove it. She is beautiful. She tells incredible stories. And will go to great lengths to get those stories. She loves orchids. She cries at movies and tv shows more than real life. She loves birds. She is allergic to cats. She doesn't like milk or bananas. She is my son's second best friend. She has my dream hair. She is super smart, intelligent, if you will. She loves Jesus. She has a favorite spot on Hayden Lake and will with the proceeds of her first novel buy that spot and build a home. She is my source of good music. She is a DJ Mix Master (which means she makes the best music mixes in the whole world, they actually have brought tears to my eyes when receiving them). She loves dogs. She makes delicious palmiers and chicken salad. She knows just what I need and will make it happen. She is protective over me. She loves my husband...now. She is crafty. She surprises me with her talents. She texts me when she is sitting across the table which I love. She will request a surprise treat and I almost always excel. She loves concerts. She loves pedicures. She loves Christmas. And Christmas movies. And Christmas lights. And Christmas music...she just loves Christmas. She is thoughtful. She loves the sun. She gives the best gifts. She can hold a grudge. She won't show her teeth when she smiles...she should. She is a fabulous writer. She has dreams while she is awake. She loves the river. She loves coffee and tea. She loves salad. She loves makeup. She loves me and for that I am blessed. She is my most best friend in the whole world. She is my twin. She is my person and I love her. I love you Raine. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Jules, Karmen and Rainey. Happy Birthday to you.


  1. A friend like that is worth her weight in gold!

  2. What a wonderful tribute.