Sunday, June 7, 2009

Not Me Monday

MckMama usually doess this on Mondays and I play along with her, but today she is tapped dry. You can check up on her at

Things I didn't do but did.

I did not rub it in when my husband and I won the Newlywed Game at a party this weekend. That would be wrong. I can't help it if we are best friends.

I did not make the wrong judgement on a friend of a friend and want to kick myself when after spending time with her I found her to be sweet, funny and quite adorable.

I am perfectly capable of taking out the garbage so I did not wait and wait and wait for my husband to do it.

I did not get my sweet niece two birthday cards for her very first birthday, one for her actual birthday and one for her bday party and forget to give either one to her. When my sister suggested I save them for my daughter I did not even consider it.

I did not watch my daughter fall asleep sitting up in her bumbo chair and leave her there because it was so super cute. And I most certainly did not take pictures of the cuteness.

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