Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Shhhhh, don't tell the sweet husband but I spent too much at the dollar store today. I went in for ten more Christmas cards and came out with bags of goodies.

Mostly were things we needed:
aluminum foil
Christmas Cards
Wrapping paper
latex gloves (poppers are on the menu all day everyday)
paper plates
plastic containers to store son's toys in
red velvet bow for our lamp post
stickers to seal our Christmas cards (licking envelopes makes me gag)

Some were stocking stuffers:
pink sparkly unicorn on a stick (you know the kind little girls hold and ride through the house...normally it's a pony)
Toy Story coloring posters
pink bib with fat little birdie on it
fun socks
skull & cross bone pencils
clippies (to take apart to make my own flower clippies for my baby girl)
board books

Yeah! I love a good trip to the hollar dollar store.


  1. Yeah, but it was only a dollar. :)

  2. i am totally telling. that is unless the cute pink sparkly unicorn on a stick is for me.