Friday, December 11, 2009

Details, Details

Here is a little picture of our big fabulous tree. I bought all new decorations this year at the dollar store (surprise, surprise). It is my favorite tree that we've done. It is pink, purple, blue, green, silver and white with sweet little birds. It is sweet and girly and perfect for me and my precious baby girl.

But, do you see that glittery pink cone shaped ornament? Do you see anything that may perhaps be out of place?

Like, I don't know a price tag? Apparently, the sweet husband missed it when he hung the garland on the tree. I found it when I sat down later that night. And then I took it off right after I took this photo so I could blog about it. Hee hee.

*I know the price tag says $1.25 but really it was only $.75. I know, right? Found two silver and glass bead garlands while thrifting one day. They were exactly the same thing with two different prices so I got them both for the lowest price. Yeah!


  1. Minnie Pearl garland? I love it!

  2. my mother in law is always pulling off stickers and tags for me, i always seem to forget :)

  3. Jen: Now I get it. Took me days.

    KT: Thank goodness for her.