Monday, December 7, 2009

Not Me Monday

I am not currently watching my daughter tear up a paper towel so I can blog for a few moments without her typing help. She adds letters to every word. Thank goodness for spell check.

I did not totally miss my daughter getting her four top teeth. I did not just find them this week, little and white and perfect. That totally explains why she has been sleeping in my bed for the last month or more. However, the last four days I have been sleeping next to my sweet husband who does not kick his feet into my ribs and it is wonderful.

After a few days of not being home for more than an hour at a time my house does not look like a tornado has been inside and bounced off all my walls like a pinball machine to destroy it from the inside out. Ugh.

Driving home from Christmas shopping on Friday the sweet husband and I passed a state lottery billboard for the weekly amount of 41 million dollars. 41 million dollars. We definitely did not spend the rest of the ride home deciding how we would spend it, give it, donate it and save it. It was a fun few moments of fantasy where I had both a country home on the land I've loved since I was sixteen and a lake house. Ahhhh...

I had three little girls under the age of three here last week. We spent the morning watching The Little Mermaid, dancing, singing, playing with dolls and sharing snacks in the floor like a picnic. The sweet husband thought this would help his cause with how many children we will have. It did not completely backfire on him when my cheeks hurt from smiling the whole time the girls and I were together. Oh, I want lots of kids and I want them all to be girls. Yeah!


  1. all girls? are u crazy?!?
    41 million, ahhh. can we play that "what if" game next time we see each other?
    that same tornado hit my house on saturday :)

  2. Yes, all girls. I love them.

    yes, lets. $41mill

    dang tornados.