Monday, December 14, 2009


Went to a memorial service today for my dad's best friend. My dad did the service. This isn't the first funeral or memorial service he has done. And not the first one he has done for a close friend of his. It always amazes me how well he does. My dad is a strong but emotional man. He loves his family, friends and Jesus and isn't afraid to say it. Or preach it, whatever the occasion. He got choked up a few times but he made it through and made his old friend proud.

I always lose it during the slide shows at funerals. I might say that it is my favorite part. If you can have a favorite part of a funeral. It always shows the smiles, the friends, the family and the good memories. Today was no different. He was smiling, fishing, riding his Harley, hunting and with his family. The pictures made me smile, some made me giggle but in the end it made me cry. Knowing we won't see his face again (here on earth) is a hard realization.

It is also hard to see my parents in such pain over this. The pain is easing and they are healing but it was a hard loss. My dad told the story of the last time they saw each other and how he wished he would've hugged him longer. If he had known that it would be their final goodbye he would've said so many more things. If only.

I guess that we can all use that as a lesson. If you have something you want to say...say it. If there is someone you love...tell them. Don't let them get away without a hug. I think I have a lot of people that already know how I feel. I also think there are some people I should visit and tell them thank you. Tell them I love them. Tell them how much they mean to me and why. Not that I have any plans of leaving this earth any time soon but in the end it isn't my plan at all, but God's.