Thursday, December 3, 2009

10 Things Thursday

10 things on my if you win the lottery birthday/Christmas list

1. a new bigger home with land for my sweet husband & a big kitchen for me
2. a family vacation for ALL my family
3. a new car (my car is fine but my husband wants it so if I got a new one he could have mine)
4. a pink laptop all of my own for my blogging, shopping, facebooking needs
5. a second honeymoon trip
6. a shopping spree to include but not limited to Sephora, Nordstrom's, J Crew, Williams Sonoma, Restoration Hardware
7. new furniture for the whole house
8. a condo at Silver Mountain for our New Years Eve tradition
9. a weekly cleaning lady
10. a little recording studio

10 in real life things on my birthday/Christmas list

1. pedicure
2. airplane ticket to Portland to visit my bestie
3. hot stone massage
4. jeans
5. puffer vest
6. new camera
7. books books books
8. fingerless gloves
9. angel fern
10. new shoes/purse (not matching)


  1. Guess I better go buy a ticket! :)

  2. A recording studio? Ha, how cool.

  3. i just checked for deals to p-town, nothin good right now :(

  4. Jen: Did you win the lottery?

    Chup: I know, right. Super cool. I would sing my heart out.

    KT: ugh. let's try January.