Thursday, December 10, 2009

10 Things Thursday

10 things about today

1. I got to watch my niece. It has been entirely too long since she has spent the morning with me and my daughter. I tried to paint her toenails but she only let me get one done. Hee hee

2. The sweet husband and I watched The Proposal (Ryan Reynolds & Sandra Bullock) for the second time this afternoon. We laugh and laugh.

3. I did a little thrifting and found some goodies. I stopped in a few new stores; one ran by a local church and one ran by a local devil. Well maybe she wasn't a devil but she acted like it and the prices were ridiculous. $13 for an oversized Ball jar. Really?

4. I turned my room upside down looking for a black cardigan that I now think I may have been stolen in the night by a girl who now has a really fabulous black cardigan. Ugh.

5. We went to watch my son's Christmas program. It was a big group of first graders that sang their hearts out. Yes, I cried. I know, I'm a cry baby.

6. They sang snow songs and jingle bells and one called Yes, Lord. Maybe it was just me but I'm pretty sure that song got the most cheers from the crowd. Yeah!!!!

7. Had dinner with the in laws and although two of the sammies were wrong we still had a good time watching my daughter make faces and her daddy chair dance.

8. Made list of prezzies for the family and a list for the daughter' first birthday. I love myself a list.

9. Got to visit with my bestie KT. Love that girl and love a good late night visit with her.

10. Slept with my daughter kicking me in the ribs. (Ok, this hasn't actually happened yet but I'm sure it will since I can see a new tooth trying to come through.) (Ugh.)


  1. Yes, but that one toenail is super cute!

    Aidan's concert was so great. I cried a little, too, and I'm NOT a cry baby. Well, not usually. I love him and Abby so much.

  2. our visit was nice, what happened to friday mornings tho??

    will u make a list for me because i have not done one yet and i'm feeling a little overwhelmed.