Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ramblies on the sleepy side

I should really be in bed. The sweet husband is in bed already. We very rarely do not go to bed together...feels weird without him. It is late and my left eye is hurting. Just hurting. Weird, right? I just touched it and it hurts. Stop touching it...I know. It still hurts. Do you think it is from sleep deprivation. Very well could be. Know why????

I'll tell you...the almost one year old for some reason thinks that the cure all for teething is sleeping side ways in my bed in between me and the sweet husband. Side ways. Little tiny feet in my ribs. All. Night. Long. You would think that little tiny feet wouldn't be so bad. But on those little tiny feet are even littler tinier toes that feel like little tiny pokies. Little tiny sword toes. Tylenol, no. Teething tablets, no. Sideways sword toe sleeping, apparently yes. I love her but, COME ON.

I'm not sure how it got so late but it might be because I just spent waaaaayyy too much time on Walgreen's website. I was ordering some photos for some Christmas crafts I am doing and when I hit the button "to order" the lovely Walgreens computer people had so sweetly and conveniently placed all my photos in a nice little collage that I could play with until I double loved it and had to buy it. And I did. And then I went back in and made another one. Hee hee. Sooo much fun. I'm doing it tomorrow too. Just for kicks. $4 kicks. Cheeeeaaaaap. Want one? Just let me know...I'm a pro.

My eye is still case you were wondering. Even when I blink. Dang. It's probably a brain tumor. Great. One week until my birthday too.

Speaking of birthdays, I have successfully ruined two birthday surprises in as many days. Apparently, the sweet husband and my bestie have been in cahoots (is that how you spell that?) about the most wonderful day of the year and every time they have something worked out I take it upon myself to do something that ends with my husband rolling his eyes and fussing about how I can't just leave well enough alone. Oopsy. Sorry you two. I love you and I love your fabulous ideas. Can't wait until Monday. Even if I do know my prezzie.

Did you know Monday is Winter Solstice. (I don't know if it is supposed to be capitalized but it does sound pretty important so I did) Winter Solstice also known as mid winter but that doesn't sound half as good. Midsummer...sounds delightful. Midwinter...blah. It is the shortest day of the year. It is also my birthday. Don't think for a moment that this goes unnoticed. Don't think for a moment that I am not thoroughly convinced that this is a little trick from above to remind me that my birthday is not as special as I make it out to be. I hear you. I get it. I fight it with all I have, but I get it. Geesh.

Ok, so snow is falling off our house and some of it just hit the three tall windows behind me and it scared the living daylights out of me, I jumped out of the chair and almost dropped the computer, so I am off to bed. Where the snow will keep falling but I will be cuddled up with the most delicious man I know. That is until the sword toes get me.

Nighty night.

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  1. Great post, Ada. Made me smile and laugh. And if you're going to capitalize Winter Solstice, shouldn't you capitalize "My Birthday?"