Monday, April 27, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

Clearly, by the lack of posts you can see I've been sleeping better. It could be that Abby has decided she no longer needs to wake up at 4am to eat. (knock on wood) It could be that I have rediscovered that cuddling next to Adam and putting my head on his chest is better than NyQuil. It could be that Aidan has finally grown out of his night terrors. (again, knock on wood) Or it could be that I have been getting to the gym in the mornings, well some mornings. And that I have found a new fun way to earn an income for our family. And that some of the house projects on my list are getting done. And I'm getting along fairly well with Aidan's dad. And, well...I'm happy. I am just happy. And dang it is nice to be happy.

So if there isn't much to read on here know that I'm doing the other blog at least once a day and believe me if something is bugging me it will be on here. Well unless it is a person that reads this and then probably not. Unless I name them Arabella and then you won't know who it is. So if you see a post on here about Arabella then you should may be you. Hee hee.

***Tangent*** I am loving the name Arabella. It fits with the A theme and I could finally call a baby of mine Bella. LOVE it. So, now I have to change the name...I don't want to write bad stuff about my future daughter. the name is Beatrice. I know for sure I won't be naming any child of mine Beatrice.

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  1. What's wrong with Beatrice? And I should let you know, considering your mocking of my Twilight fanatacism, that the main character's name is Bella. From Isabella, not Arabella, which is a lovely name.