Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dream a Little Dream

I was on a walk with the kiddos, Aidan was beside me and I was pushing Abby in the stroller. It was warm and there were people enjoying the afternoon. We were on a trail just looking at things and talking. When all of a sudden I saw a shooting star and I was super excited...shooting stars always make me smile. So I was telling Aidan about it when I saw another. And then another. And the sky turned black and then the sky was full of shooting stars back and forth. And I was time. Jesus was coming back. When I realized what was happening I felt my body float off the ground and then like in the movies my body was swirling around until I landed back safely on my feet in a familiar childhood place(the parking lot of my childhood church). I saw people walking around and I called out for my dad. I knew he would be there and I needed him more than ever. Then I saw a woman walk by with a child. And there it was...the children's area. I walked over to the entrance and called out Aidan's name. He was next to a little baby girl with lots of hair in a polka dot outfit and he ran to me with his giant smile and no front teeth, hugged me tightly and said..." I'm so glad you found me before you went to the edge." It was the BEST feeling I have ever felt, in a dream or in real life. Knowing that my sweet babies were in Heaven with me. It was peace which surpasses all understanding. It was happiness that makes you tingle all over. We were there together. And then I woke up.

*The shooting stars will always get my attention, make me smile and I am a firm believer that it will all start in the sky.
*The parking lot of the Church of Christ...I grew up there. Went to school there everyday k-8 and church twice a week until I was sixteen. Plus, now Aidan goes to kindergarten there so I'm there everyday to drop him off. (My sister who still goes to church there thought that was one of the best parts...Heaven in their parking lot)
*Looking for my dad...he is the reason I will be in Heaven. He shared the Lord with me and raised me to be a believer and have a personal relationship with God. Last but not least...I am a daddy's girl and I just needed him.
*Abby was the baby next to Aidan; she wore that same outfit only days before. I remember because my dad had made mention of the "clown" outfit.

*Not so sure why the "children's area" was a dog kennel.
*Do not know what "the edge" is or why I would be going.

The best part is this...I have always been super scared to die. Since I can remember it would scare me and I would get nervous even thinking about it. I know Heaven will be grand but I have some stuff to do down here before I go...see my children graduate from college and get married and have babies of their own, take a dozen more honeymoons with my amazing husband, win a Grammy...serious stuff. But I woke up calm. I woke up happy. In fact the whole day after all I could do was smile. I could still feel that same peace and joy that I had seeing his face and knowing he was there with me and with his Pappy and his God. And for once I was ok with dying. Maybe my life is in a different place now, maybe my soul is. Or maybe I'm just growing up. But I realized it will be like that feeling I had of complete and utter happiness all day every day and that sounds absolutely lovely.


  1. It does sound lovely. And it will be lovely. Family dinners will continue for eternity. Only without having to peel potatoes or do dishes. :)

  2. Oh, man...that brought tears to my eyes! I had a "heaven" dream once, too. It wasn't nearly so detailed, but I woke up crying with happiness and I've never forgotten that feeling I felt. How wonderful!

  3. By the way, my word verification was "dogly" fun is *that* to say?

  4. Won't go into a lot of detail but, reading this post helped me a lot. I really needed it-thanks.